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What Makes a Cocktail Bar Great?

Some bars are really great to go to but others are not. Once in a while you find some great bar experience where everything just seemed perfect like great bartenders, great atmosphere, cheap drinks and great socializing. Here are some of the qualities to look for in a great cocktail bar.

It is quite surprising that in a survey conducted on bar goers, many of them consider a dirty restroom indicates the kind of cleanliness level in an establishment. A great majority of women avoid using the restroom simply because it is not up to their standards of cleanliness. Signage for rest rooms in also important. Women don’t want to ask where the toilet is and they should not have to.

While they are in the restroom, people will have plenty of time to review your bar so you should have a stylish mirror, choose design lighting that works, elegant fixtures, and buy a quality toilet. Some people return to the bar because they love the soap in the restroom.
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Talking with your friends and meeting new people are something you want to do when in a bar. Sometimes DJ’s think that music in a bar has to be that loud, forgetting that people don’t want to shout to each other because of the loud sounds. Studies have been conducted showing that people tend to drink more when loud or fast music is played. Some of these just quietly drink but they don’t have fun.
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Businesses value returning customers. Ask your guests if loud music is a problem if you don’t know. Some bars don’t have music at all and is ideal for making conversations with other people.

Today, going to bar has really become very expensive especially in the more classy establishments. Although you can expect to have a free night at the bar, you also won’t have fun if it is too expensive. It is not really impossible to find a bar with affordable drinks and where you can have a really great time.

The industry believes that changing the lighting and sound creates a better drinking atmosphere. Part of the fun in a bar is the music with dancing. However, music choice is also important. There are music that will fit your bar and avoid playing standards but choose a genre that you like. Almost everyone likes smooth jazz, even if some wont admit it.

You should find good entertainment choices in a bar. People like playing pinball machines or slot machines in the early evening. Others have fun playing pool or a competitive dart game.