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Know the Difference Between E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are the great alternative as a cigarette substitute and for those cannot resist giving up cigarette smoking, with the feel of a real cigarette and lesser health risks. Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette started out with disposable “cig-alikes”, recreating the feel and taste of smoking. E-cigarettes is operated by a battery-powered heating element called “atomizer”, that vaporizes liquid nicotine, while vape pens or vaporizers apply the same technology, with the difference of working with concentrated cannabis oils, dry herbs or waxes. E-cigarettes come in various shapes, colors, sizes and capacities, and many people choose rechargeable e-cigarettes over disposable ones, and some prefer smaller and portable e-cigs for convenience.

E-cigarettes look and feel like real cigarettes, that are easy to use and with simple set up, containing nicotine and produces vapor not smoke, cheaper than vaporizers, no buttons to push, with accurate menthol and tobacco flavors available, and some advanced e-cigarettes have prefilled cartomizers with varying nicotine strengths. Vaporizers or vapor cigarettes have entirely different appearance and functions, and they’re usually sold by specialty vape shops online. Vaporizers can be mixed and match with e-liquids, that can be filled and refilled using cartridges, and they come in color coordinated accessories, creating a product tailored vaporizers, matching customers’ tastes. Vaporizers are slightly larger than regular e-cigarettes often resembling pens or small tubes, with vaporizing liquid, allowing it to be released into the air without burning. Unlike e-cigs, vaporizers are more expensive but they produce powerful throat and chest hit, longer battery life, customizable, refillable with e-liquid, use cartomizers, with nicotine level options, and gradually heat e-liquid with warm air passing through a cartomizer at a set temperature.

“Cloud chasers” or vape mod are advanced vaporizers, perfect for those who are fond of collecting more advanced vaporizers for fun, with bigger built, larger vapor cloud and better throat hit, along with customized atomizer and mouthpieces of their vapor e-cigarettes and specialty built vape mods. Vape mods have features like milder throat hit, use with cartomizers or tanks, shaped like box or tube, activated by push buttons, more advanced set up, most require rechargeable batteries, and with lower nicotine levels. Also available are desktop vaporizers that are ideal for home use, evolving into sleek, quiet, and energy-efficient models, with vapor delivery through balloon or whip attachment, great for parties and sharing with friends.
Getting Creative With Liquids Advice

Feel free to visit our website for any queries and information about e-cigarettes, and different types of vaporizers. The final say still depends on you, but it makes a huge difference if you are well informed about e-cigarettes and vaporizers, making you an informed and empowered buyer, eliminating waste of time, effort and money.The 10 Rules of Options And How Learn More