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What To Consider When Transporting A Horse from One State To Another Horses are subtle creatures. They need to be handled with a lot of care and in the gentlest ways possible. One may have different reasons for wanting to move their horse from one state to another. However, before going out and ferrying the creature, there are some few things you need to have in mind. Some of the things you need to have in mind are explained below. Get the Necessary Interstate Health Papers In order for an owner to get the necessary health papers, the first thing they need to do is ensure that their horse has acquired a Coggins test. The Coggins Test is done to check for the Equin Infectious Anemia in horses. The interstate papers expire after thirty days so it’s prudent to renew the papers in good time. If a foal is six months or younger, interstate papers are required for the mare it’s traveling with, however, if it’s older the papers are not required. Some of the healthy equipment one needs to carry are a blanket if it’s during the winter, fresh water for the horses, and hay which the horse is used to.
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A number of horses experience sinuses. Sinus infections are likely to occur where the horse has been left tied for several days. Ensuring that the horse is able to lower its head is very necessary. This can be made possible by leaving hay on the ground where the horse will be forced to lower its neck when it has to eat. Getting the horses off the trailer at night can be difficult, it’s therefore recommended that one keeps them in small barns. Mode of Transport When it comes to commercial transport it’s important that you look for a driver who makes regular rounds to ensure that the animals are doing okay. Horses which get eight or more hours of sleep and rest during transit have been proven to perform much more effectively considering that they develop better. During this time, horses like Stallions get adequate relaxing and urinating time. Checking on the horses is also very important because one is able to keep track of whether they are properly feeding and drinking enough water. The driver can also have an assistant to check on the health of horses during the transport. The Kind of Hauler in use Reputation is everything when considering the hauler transportation for your horses. it is important to choose a hauler company that does not use layover barns. This type of barns are not encouraged because they pose some health risks to horses. The horses might end up reaching their destinations tired and very sick.