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The Path to Becoming a Teacher In Texas

To some people, teaching is described as a noble profession. To others, teaching is a calling. In any human society, a teacher is among the most important people. Teachers are like potters who mold students and the entire society. A lot of emphasis is put on the training offered to teachers and this is because of the core role played by teachers.

Like in any other state or country, Texas has also put a lot of emphasis on the teacher training programs. To become a teacher, there are several qualifications you must have. Failure to attain these qualifications will make one unfit for classroom teaching. The set standards ensure that the students all over the state get a standard education from qualified personnel. We focus now on the training and tests required for one to teach in Texas.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is the first thing you need to do to become a teacher in Texas. All teachers besides those in health sciences and trade education must have the bachelor’s degree in order to become teachers. Teachers training for health sciences and trade education are exempted from this.

The next thing you need to do is to complete a teaching preparation program. All aspiring teachers must go through this program. People without the required university training cannot get to this point and must take first the university training.

If you take the educator preparation tests you may go ahead to the next step. A retake of the preparation tests may be necessary for people who do not pass. Once you succeed, the next step is to take the teacher certification examinations. Texas like all the other states in America have put this as a compulsory step before becoming a teacher. When you certification is successful, you will be verified to apply for a job.

As a certified teacher now you may go ahead and apply for a job. Application for the job should be done only through the state department of education. Teaching job application in Texas can only be done by individuals whose verification is successful. Doing this makes sure that only qualified people get the teaching job in the state’s schools. Job application can be the last step in becoming a teacher for people that have been on the job.

This last step comes upon successful completion of the training and job application. This last step is only taken by the first time teaching job applicants. The step involves taking of fingerprints of the applicants. Criminal background check of the aspiring teacher cannot be completed without this fingerprinting.

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