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The College of Applied Arts – Arts and Design School Training Turns Talent Into Career

If you’re one of those professionals who believes that a career should be more than just a paycheck, then a college of applied arts may be for you. You can parlay your creative talents into a respectable salary in art niches such as graphic design, performance art and gallery curator.

Arts and Design School: The Benefits of Distance Learning

Because art and design programs are inherently visual, they sync well with the distance learning format. You’ll appreciate the variety of standard benefits that online study has to offer: classes from home, convenient scheduling, reduced expenses, and the ability to maintain your personal and professional obligations, just to name a few. As an arts student, you’ll love the way the online degree format develops the technical skills that could give you the edge in a competitive hiring market.

College of Applied Arts: Program FAQs

Committing to a particular field of study for four or five years deserves thoughtful consideration. Here are just a few frequently asked questions that potential art and design school students have:

  • Will I have to attend any campus sessions? This depends entirely on the program of study. Most online programs are just that–distance learning sessions that you can complete entirely from home. Some programs may require periodic meetings on campus to turn in portfolios or deliver recitals
  • How long before I must declare a major? Many programs allow you to complete prerequisite classes for the first year or two before requiring you to declare. Konseling Online Due to their complexity, some art and design programs require immediate commitment
  • How will the content be delivered? Online programs combine electronic textbooks, class blog and chat technologies and video conferencing in a web-based framework
  • Will professional certifications help me to get hired? Professional certifications are particularly helpful in the technical