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Practical and economical with electric bikes

Accompanying the high demand of motorcycles in the country, the popularity of electric bikes skyrocketed among others because it is considered more efficient because it does not require fuel oil. As the name implies, this bike requires electricity as a source of energy, for detail electric scooters

The length of charging time on each electric bike is different, depending on the capacity of the battery (in standard default changer 2-2,5 amperes). For example, a battery of 36 volts 12 ampere hour takes a maximum of 5 hours, 48 ​​volt 12 ampere hour battery takes up to 6 hours, 48 ​​volt 20 ampere hour battery takes up to 8 hours, and 48 volt 7 ampere hour battery takes up to 4 hours. There are also certain models that fully charge the battery takes 6-8 hours and can be used for travel as far as 45 kilometers with a maximum speed of 35 kilometers per hour.

Launched from the compass, In addition to sparing, with a more simple and more practical, selis often used to support daily activities such as delivering school children.

The secretary of a private company felt that the transportation provided a practical value when traveling, especially when delivering her baby to school.

“This electric bike is very practical, besides having a relatively small dimension, this device can be folded in. Besides can be used to deliver my child, Alexa, to Bimba school, this tool can also be put in the car and taken on vacation,” Anas said.

In addition to practical, continued Anas, this bike gives its own value, unlike a conventional bike. “With an electric bike, the legs can rest so the body stays fit, unless the battery condition is weak or exhausted.”

If you want to simultaneously exercise, the user live use pedal that pinned exactly …