Easy Ways to Learn SEO

On Page SEO, is any technical SEO that resides in our website or block:

1. Pay attention to the content of your blog or web with basic SEO techniques

First time after make a blog / website that need to be considered is as follows:

1. Tittle or Title posting,

Choose the main topic or headline of your blog that you really master, so that the content looks original, serve in a friendly language. Choose the title of your web block or Niche (a society) and a common one that is often sought after. Customize between titles or tittle with keywords and keyword tags that will be indexed by search engines later. Note the headings are Title or the main title of your website / blog. Adjust Title / Title with keywords that you will optimize, for detail seo services jakarta

2. Keyword Tag

Notice in determining the Tags and Keywords that match your Blog Content. The following example:

<meta name = “keywords” content = “online business success, easy learning seo, online business tips, online business blog, online business start step, smart way to increase pagerank” />

Specify Tags for Your blog’s Description. Like the following example:

<meta name = “description” content = “How To Succeed Online Business” />

3. Link Navigation block or web must be neatly arranged to be easy to see and not confuse visitors and avoid errors when the content index by search engines.

4. Broken Links, make sure there is no broken links on your blog, so no errors when indexed by search engines.

5. Domain contains Keyword, Make a domain name for your blog or web with a succinct, easy to remember and important SEO technical keywords contain.

2. Note the contents of posts or article content on your blog

Multiply posting with a particular page is very influential in optimizing your position on search engines.
Note the title of the post or page in your article, try to make your article title page contains the first 250 words in index keywords.
Expand Redirect on the link that leads to your web or blog, because on search engines to give a rating on a website whether the website is worthy placed on the first page or not is to assess how many links pointing to your website, the higher your position on search engine.
Use of Bold, Italic, quotation marks, Underline, color difference is very influential in optimizing a keyword.
Manipulate keywords on your website or block, to manipulate keywords on the website, you can add scripts on your website. You can search for some effective keywords by using keyword search software.
After the above process you live proceed by registering your website or blog to search engine Google, Yahoo and MSN and Social BookMarking like Technoratti, digg.com, Dmoz.com, myspace.com, myblogblog.com.

OFF Page SEO, is any SEO Techniques that exist outside the website:

Link Exchange or link exchange, this way has been proven and widely used bloggers. Powerful increase Page Range (PR), Tips is to exchange links with blocks that the same topic with our block or website, it’s good to exchange links with blocks that page rank higher.
Give Anchor Anchor the right time to exchange links or give backlinks to your old article. You should also pay attention to Anchor Text when creating links to your website. Why Adobe website is ranked highest in google for keyword “click here” is, because there are many websites that have links to the direction of the page with the words: Download Adobe Reader, click here. The word “click here” is called Anchor text because it is a link. Keep the link that leads to your website in accordance with the keywords that become your target.
Stay up to date, Internet users generally aim to find the latest blocked information they visit, keep your blocks up to date.
The existence of One way Backlink (One-way Backlink) to articles that have the same topic, greatly affect your Index in Search Engine.
Classified Ads, Classified Ad sites have enough positioning strategies to promote our block or website in the eyes of search engines.