From stock analyst to business partner, what all ChatGPT can do after its internet update?

Ever since its launch, ChatGPT has become the newsmaker in the tech industry and has revolutionised every sector of the economy. Its latest update, which has enabled the OpenAI’s chatbot to get access to the internet, proved to be another performance booster for the AI chatbot.

As of now, the updated version is exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who pay around $20 per month. After getting internet access, CHatGPT is now able to generate more up-to-date and accurate responses on the most recent issues. This will help Chat GPT in churning out the most useful information for the user from the vast sea of information existing on the internet.

Recently, a Twitter user and an Artificial Intelligence enthusiast shared the amazing benefits of ChatGPT which didn’t exist before.

“ChatGPT just received its biggest update. It’s now connected in real-time to the Internet. Here are 8 things that were not possible on ChatGPT before,” tweeted itsPaulAi. The thread mentioned the eight useful functions of ChatGPT that didn’t exist before its internet update.

With its new update, ChatGPT Plus can enable the Web Browsing option in the settings, select GPT-4 web browsing template, and can cite its sources with small numbers and links.

ChatGPT as a news summariser

By using the latest ChatGPT Plus, users can get the summary of any news in seconds. All they need is to ask about the recent event to the chatbot and ask it to summarise the news in limited words.

ChatGPT as the best business partner

You can make ChatGPT your best business partner by using the AI chatbot to identify a trend on the internet that would be helpful for the growth of your business. It can also analyse the information available on the internet to identify the latest e-commerce trends and consumer behaviour patterns in the first quarter of 2023.

ChatGPT as an academic researcher

People can use ChatGPT to save time while researching academic documents. They can use the chatbot to summarise the key findings of the latest research reports published in the same field in recent times.

Using ChatGPT for Productivity

The AI chatbot can also help in improving productivity. For all those doing their job from home, all they need to do is search for ‘What are the top 5 tips to work better from home?’. The AI chatbot will make a summary table based on recent information.

Using ChatGPT for stock market analysis

With the help of available real-time data, ChatGPT can analyse the company results and give a basic estimate of how the company stock will perform in the coming weeks. All you need to do is ask ChatGPT about the company’s future stock performance based on its latest quarterly results.

Provide an explainer

In this world full of information, people need to understand the basics of an event and keep track of its latest updates. For that to happen, people can simply ask their AI friend to explain any recent issue to a ‘12-year-old’ for a detailed and simple explainer of a complex event.

For coding using the latest documents

Internet access has also helped ChatGPT to improve its coding skills by multiple times. The AI chatbot would now be able to code better with the help of the latest documentation.

Using ChatGPT for writing updated essay

ChatGPT can be used to write essays on any event with the latest available information. People don’t need to rely on the old stagnant knowledge bank of the chatbot as now it can create an up-to-date article with the help of an always-evolving knowledge bank.


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