Google replaces Duet AI with Gemini for Workspace, brings Business and Enterprise plans

Google Gemini Pro

Google is launching new plans for business customers using Gemini. Earlier this year, Bard was replaced by Gemini and the AI technology arrived on Google Workspace too. With today’s announcement, Gemini for Google Workspace is replacing Duet AI for Google Workspace.

Now, with the Gemini Business plan, alongside other features, users can access a standalone experience where they can chat with Gemini.

The company blog post revealed that 88% of small and medium-sized businesses wish to utilize generative AI to optimize data analysis, customer service, drafting emails, and managing other work-related tasks. The blog explained its Gemini for Workspace facility by stating:

“Today we’re launching Gemini Business, a lower price offering to help organizations big and small get started with generative AI in Workspace. This plan gives them access to Gemini for Workspace — including experiences like Help me write in Docs and Gmail, Enhanced Smart Fill in Sheets, and image generation in Slides — for as low as $20 per user per month with an annual commitment.”

Another option individuals can get is the Gemini Enterprise plan. This replaces Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise and offers the same services as Gemini Business alongside several additional ones. The technology is priced at $30 every month for every customer who signs up for the annual subscription. Duet AI customers will be upgraded to the Gemini Enterprise plans automatically.

Gemini Enterprise comes with language translation for closed captions in AI-powered meetings. This means that Gemini can translate content in over 100 language pairs. Soon, it will also take meeting notes for the attendees.

Gemini for Workspace

Apart from this, Google is letting corporate customers chat with Gemini. The standalone experience utilizes the 1.0 Ultra technology and is beginning to roll out for the Gemini Business and Enterprise plans.

According to the company, the 1.0 Ultra AI model is its largest and “most capable model” which can handle long conversations, write codes, and do other complex tasks. However, Google’s recent testing revealed that Gemini 1.5 could be even better equipped for these tasks than the existing technology.

By chatting with Gemini, users can double-check the responses and get “insightful and expert” answers. Moreover, the chat feature is protected with enterprise-grade data security. Google also explained that conversations will not be used to enhance the machine learning model or for advertising purposes.