Prediction of Hijab Trends in 2022 in terms of models and colors


Today, the hijab is starting to be liked and used by Muslim women in Indonesia. Therefore, it is not surprising that now the hijab is increasingly being considered as part of a fashion item by women in the country. Given the increasing public interest in Muslim clothing, the search for information about the 2022 hijab trend in terms of models and colors is starting to appear on the internet.

Basically, in language, the word hijab means a cover or barrier. Hijab Meanwhile, according to the term, hijab is a cover that covers something that is forbidden to be shown to others. Based on the understanding of hijab according to the term, then we can also interpret the hijab as clothing that can cover all of a person’s aurat, especially for Muslims. With this meaning, the hijab is actually not only synonymous with a head covering or hair, but a closed garment that does not reveal aurat is also called a hijab.

Although the hijab is essentially a whole garment that can cover a person’s aurat, in the following article we will only review the predictions of the 2022 hijab trend related to Muslim women’s head coverings.

As previously mentioned, the hijab is now starting to be loved by Muslim women as part of their fashion items. The reason is because now the head hijab is starting to have a variety of models and colors so it doesn’t look monotonous. Unisma If you are a hijab user who wants to always look trendy, then here are some interesting predictions for the 2022 hijab trend for you to know as a Muslim fashion follower:

Instant Hijab

Instant hijab is a head covering that has been sewn so that its use can be easier and more practical. There are several variants of instant hijab that will become a trend, for example, such as bergo, instant pashmina, or instant hijab hoodie.

Hijab Syar’i or Loungewear Syar’i 

The syar’i hijab that is in accordance with the rules of Islamic law is also predicted to be increasingly loved by Muslim women in 2022. This type of hijab is much preferred in daily activities such as activities at home because the material is known to be cool, loose, and comfortable.

Pashmina Hijab 

Pashmina hijab is still the belle of the trend in 2021 to 2022 later. Because this type of hijab is known to be able to display the impression of being fashionable, edgy, and trendy.

Hijab Square

The rectangular hijab is the second prima donna which is often the target of the hijab model for Muslim women. Hijab Because this type of hijab is very easy to form and use.

Hijab with Pastel Colors and Earth Tones

Just like the hijab trend in 2021, in 2022 the hijab trend will still be dominated by pastel colors and earth tones which give a natural, soft, and calm impression.