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Exclusive: Enormous chunk of vegetation, animals in U.S. at chance of extinction

Feb 6 (Reuters) – A top conservation study team located that 40% of animals and 34% of plants in the United States are at hazard of extinction, though 41% of ecosystems are going through collapse.

Every little thing from crayfish and cacti to freshwater mussels and legendary American species this sort of as the Venus flytrap are in risk of disappearing, a report released on Monday uncovered.

NatureServe, which analyzes data from its network of around 1,000 scientists across the United States and Canada, explained the report was its most in depth nonetheless, synthesizing five decades’ really worth of its very own data on the well being of animals, vegetation and ecosystems.

Importantly, the report pinpoints the places in the United States in which land is unprotected and exactly where animals and plants are going through the most threats.

Sean O’Brien, president of NatureServe, said the conclusions of the report ended up “terrifying” and he hoped it would support lawmakers have an understanding of the urgency of passing protections, these kinds of as the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act that stalled out in Congress final calendar year.

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“If we want to manage the panoply of biodiversity that we at present enjoy, we need to concentrate on the places where by the biodiversity is most threatened,” O’Brien reported. “This report lets us to do that.”

U.S. Agent Don Beyer, a Democrat who has proposed laws to generate a wildlife corridor program to rebuild threatened populations of fish, wildlife and crops, mentioned NatureServe’s get the job done would be essential to supporting agencies discover what places to prioritize and where by to establish migration routes.

“The facts claimed by NatureServe is grim, a harrowing indicator of the very true challenges our wildlife and ecosystems are struggling

Exclusive: Goldman Sachs to cut asset management investments that weighed on earnings

NEW YORK, Jan 23 (Reuters) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc’s (GS.N) asset management arm will significantly reduce the $59 billion of alternative investments that weighed on the bank’s earnings, an executive told Reuters.

The Wall Street giant plans to divest its positions over the next few years and replace some of those funds on its balance sheet with outside capital, Julian Salisbury, chief investment officer of asset and wealth management at Goldman Sachs, told Reuters in an interview.

“I would expect to see a meaningful decline from the current levels,” Salisbury said. “It’s not going to zero because we will continue to invest in and alongside funds, as opposed to individual deals on the balance sheet.”
The move is an extension of a strategy laid out in 2020, as the bank aims to reduce its on-balance sheet investments and boost earnings from fees.

Goldman had a dismal fourth quarter, missing Wall Street profit targets by a wide margin. Like other banks struggling as company dealmaking stalls, Goldman is letting go of more than 3,000 employees in its biggest round of job cuts since the 2008 financial crisis.

The bank will provide further details on its asset plan during Goldman Sachs’ investor day on Feb. 28, he said. Alternative assets can include private equity or real estate as opposed to traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

Goldman oversaw a record $2.55 trillion in assets at the end of last year.

“As we raise more third-party capital, that (balance sheet investment) becomes a smaller percentage of a growing pie,” Salisbury said.


Slimming down the investments on a bank’s balance sheet can reduce volatility in its earnings, said Mark Narron, senior director of North American banks at credit rating agency Fitch Ratings. Shedding investments also cuts the amount of so-called