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New app helps Saskatoon businesses reduce waste by offering deals

A global app that aims to help people save money on groceries while reducing food waste is catching on in Saskatoon.

The Prairie Doughnut Company and Poutine pride themselves in making each batch as it’s ordered, but while that results in a great product for customers, at the end of each day, they have leftovers.

“For example, if we make 50 at a time but we got an order for 24, what do we do with the 26? Since we never do premade donuts so we’re making fresh,” Owner Jigar Shah, told CTV News.

Now, thanks to the new app, those extras are being sold.

“They contacted me and I said that was a very nice concept because it wastes less food,” he says.

This is how the app does that: businesses post food baskets they have available, and for what price, then customers choose one and go pick it up.

“You’re getting great things that would’ve sold in the store two hours earlier for full, price, for at a reduced cost,” Sarah Soteroff with, Too Good to Go, said.

There are restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores and even a juice company currently on the Saskatoon list.

They all sell items for about a third of the regular cost, according to Soteroff.

Businesses post their surprise basket with a general category of food like bakery or pizza attached to it, so the customer has a rough idea of what’s inside.

“For grocery items, for example, you might get a smattering of maybe some potatoes and lettuce. Things that didn’t sell and are reaching their best before date but can’t be sold the next day,” she says.

The Prairie Donut is one of 40 businesses on the app in Saskatoon

Alpha Motor Corporation Launches Reg CF Equity Offering on

Irvine, California, United States, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alpha Motor Corporation (Alpha) announced its Reg CF Equity Offering, Electric Vehicles That Move Humanity™, on StartEngine a private investment platform regulated by the SEC. With over US$500,000 raised in less than 5 days, Alpha’s community of supporters is rapidly growing to accelerate the company’s vision and business plan to commercialize its EVs.

Leveraging patented technology, breathtaking design, and an executive leadership team with decades of automotive OEM experience, the innovative American automotive and mobility tech manufacturer is prepared to lead the EV revolution. 

“We believe the world has been waiting for our electric vehicles and Alpha will continue to strive towards market entry of our EVs,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

Alpha Advantages

Patented Technology – Alpha has secured multiple patents, which protects proprietary design, patented technology, and development process to streamline expansion. Alpha believes that this unique advantage enables speed-to-market efficiency of its award-winning EV designs.

Strong Market Demand – Alpha has received over 52,500 vehicle preorder indications to date in addition to distribution agreements in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The EV market is expected to surpass US$1.5 trillion by 2030.

Experience and Ability to Execute – Alpha’s automotive business proficiency comes from decades of experience at major corporations. Alpha has formed OEM-level strategic partnerships in the U.S. to efficiently develop and manufacture highly competitive EVs.

Sales Leadership Experience

The company’s Advisory Board is appointed with exceptional industry leaders, including ex-Tesla executive Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, who led the expansion of Tesla across Europe, the Middle East, and Japan, for ten years. Alpha currently has distribution agreements in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, equating to an initial projected volume of 3,150 vehicles annually.

Confirmation of Market Feasibility

Alpha marked the successful completion of its proof-of-concept stage after