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Making profit and expanding in crayfish business

Onyekachi Ona , a crayfish trader popular in the eastern part of the country says she started her small business with just N3,000, but has paid her off in so many ways as she smiles to the bank . ADEOLA AKINBOBOLA, writes. 

Starting a business and nurturing it to an enviable height is the greatest challenge of many entrepreneurs, with many businesses going under just after a few years of its establishment. 

Kachi popularly known by her customer is a trader at Utako market. She hails from Anambra state but came to Abuja in 2013 to seek greener pastures which she hasn’t regretted so far. 

According to her, starting the business was not a major challenge as she believes in hard work and plans to export smoked and well packaged fishes to all parts of the country.

While recounting to Business Starter, brimming with optimism, she said that laziness is not an option for her as she quickly established herself in Abuja.

Early beginning

According to Kachi, her early beginning will forever be fresh in her memory as she set out to add to humanity with her business at the earliest opportunity she got after her training in 2012.

The 36 year-old mother of 3 said in 2013, “I started my own business after being trained by my grandma. In fact, when the crayfish got to the table, I started thinking of the value I could add in order to stand out. 

“By way of doing something different from others, I decided to package the crayfish and after doing that, it was nice and appetizing. That was how the business started, with my being innovative and applying ideas different from others,” she said.


She said she will never rest until her crayfishes make their ways to different parts